Design is the secret weapon
of profitable brands.


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Services to transform your business at every stage:
For budding endeavors

Brand Kits

Quickly launch a business with an affordable, semi-custom brand identity to  gain notice and cultivate trust right out of the box.

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For Evolving brands

Brand Blueprint

Create or revitalize a brand with my strategic process that generates a custom visual identity through collaborative work sessions.

Elevate your brand

For a marketing boost

Design Day

Pass off your design list to a professional and turn your marketing to-dos into to-dones with a full or half day of one-on-one design time.

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The secret to marketing is a strategically designed brand.

You’re confident that people love the product or service you offer. But you’ve tried every marketing trick in the book and you’re still not getting the results you expect.

Instead of burning the midnight oil trying to keep up with the latest marketing recommendation, let’s get back to basics with a professional and strategic brand identity.

Strategic branding helps businesses to:

Understand and know their target audience’s needs and how to serve them well.Build a brand blueprint to guide them towards growth and profitability.Become confident that every touchpoint in the customer experience connects with their audience.Stop questioning their design and marketing strategy.

meet your new secret weapon

jessie Salinas

I’m a brand strategist and designer who creates timeless visual identities that help brands have greater impact and become more profitable. I’m also a list-maker, planner, and do-er who loves the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a productive day.

I love connecting with other passionate business leaders who are turned off by pushy marketing tactics and want to develop real connections with the people they serve.

I believe that profitable businesses take a holistic approach when developing a client experience. That means they listen, learn, create, and evolve to meet the needs of the people they hope to serve.

There’s a few things to know about creating a brand:

Are we on the same page?

let’s work together

Don’t invest time and money on

Professional help from photographers, copywriters, marketers, social media managers

Advertising online or in print

Growing your email list

Social media content

Creating your lead magnet

A new website for your business

until you’ve developed a Brand Strategy

“I’m not ready to invest in a custom brand, but I want to start out with a consistent look and messaging style.”

Check out brand kits

“My business is growing or changing. I need to re-think my branding system and messaging style.”

Elevate your brand

“My brand is resonating with my target client base — I need to outsource design to a professional!”

Book a design day

“Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.”