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I’ve been designing professionally for over a decade, but it took a majority of that time to realize there were big flaws in how I worked with clients.

I was no longer using the valuable design thinking tools I learned early on — empathy, storytelling, human psychology, rapid ideation, prototype testing — to help clients solve their business problems. 

I felt  like I was doing clients a disservice and that I was keeping the best secrets of brand strategy and design thinking to myself. More importantly, I wondered if the projects I worked on solved a real problem or brought in more business.

I’m determined to help others discover the value of design thinking and strategic branding to solve business problems. This framework and creative problem solving tools have gained traction with massive companies. But, design thinking can be a game-changer for anyone.

A strong brand strategy is the difference between selling to a one-time customer and converting them into a diehard fan. It’s all the intangibles of a business that make an unforgettable experience. Creating a brand strategy is like building a blueprint for business success.

After clarifying their brand strategy, clients tend to discover deeper meaning and purpose in their work and are better at communicating their value. (So they can charge more!)

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a brand strategy helps businesses to:
Understand and know their target audience's needs and how to serve them well.
Build a brand blueprint to guide them towards growth and profitability.
Become confident that every touchpoint in the customer experience connects with their audience.
Stop questioning their design and marketing strategy.

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we abide by this Creative Constitution

Curiosity is a superpower

Curiosity is the only prerequisite to creativity. It leads to the root of a problem. It’s as much asking “why this?” as finding out “why not that?”. Let’s not work off our assumptions.

Learning by doing

We are open to all possibilities. We arrive at the best solutions (for now) by experimenting and testing. We see failures as an opportunity for growth.

Challenging work made fun

The trust that develops from genuine friendship creates an unforgettable experience that results in our best work. A bit of humor and creative thinking turn difficulties into an opportunity for grace and growth.


"Tell me more about how design thinking and brand strategy can be a game-changer."

"My business is growing or changing. I need to re-think my branding system and messaging style."

"My brand is resonating with my target client base — I need to outsource design to a professional!"

"Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity."
From "The Designful Company" by Marty Neumeier
"Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity."
From "The Designful Company" by Marty Neumeier
Marketing gets attention. A brand brings them back.