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Brand Blueprint

Brand Blueprint is a fast-paced process that delivers a brand strategy and visual design to distinguish a business from its competition. Be prepared for intentional growth with renewed, focused messaging and a thoughtfully designed visual system.

Design a better brand

There are plenty of businesses that don’t take the time to conscientiously hone a brand core — a clear mission, messaging, and strategy. Some business owners invest time and money redesigning their logo — for a few moments of attention with a re-design. Their idea or product is great, but they don’t have a long term strategy. You can blame slow business growth on a logo design. But there could be many other underlying issues relating to your branding and how you’re connecting with your audience.

Consistent messaging helps potential clients understand precisely what your business is about and who it is for.

We want clients to trust our business and love our product or service. When people trust and like a brand, engagement improves naturally. Building this trust translates into healthy growth for your business. When you know your audience, marketing feels like less of a headache!

Business to brand in four steps


Learning about the future of your business and how you want your business to be perceived.


A full day intensive to diagnose your brand's core challenges and form a strategic creative brief.​


Creating a visual identity and graphic system designed to accomplish your goals.


A second intensive to perfect the details and prepare for a successful launch.​

Get ready to
Refine your existing branding into a cohesive look that aligns with your goals
Be strategic about building your brand
Develop a consistent marketing experience for your target audience
Feel confident and deliberate in your brand's messaging
Experience a personal, one-on-one process with an expert designer
Show off your brand new identity and spur growth for your business

Brand Blueprint packages include:

My Brand Blueprint Workbook will help you think about your brand on a deeper level and clarify key aspects so that your branding and messaging is coherent, relevant, and memorable.

A tool to collaborate and have constructive conversations about visual inspiration and what will speak to your target audience.

Research of similar brands, especially those within your industry to ensure your brand is versatile, unique, and distinguished from your competitors.

A comprehensive diagnosis documenting the discovery process, and proposed strategy including a creative brief for a brand identity.

Your main identifying mark for most branded materials.

Alternative coordinating logo marks for situations when the primary logo design is unsuitable.

A simplified logo graphic that is for small print or web spaces.

A select set of primary, secondary and accent colors.

A palette of suggested typefaces to coordinate with your brand identity.

A signature pattern or texture for backgrounds.

A business essential.

Guidelines for imagery in branded material.

Your blueprint for consistency in marketing strategies, social media campaigns, printed collateral, and official communications.

Priority phone and video calls, one-on-one project work sessions and assistance with each project phase as needed.

pricing starts at $2,100
branding makes business Better.
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Is Brand Blueprint for you?

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Every project presents different challenges. I present one or two design well-developed concepts as possible solutions for a brand’s visual identity. I’ve started implementing this method of brand design because I believe it results in higher quality choices for my clients. It helps clients to narrowly define the needs of their target audience, and it is energizing when they trust me to present a design solution that is attuned to their business goals.​

My branding packages are priced to include refinement to one selected concept. We will work together to address any issues and tweak the best concept. If the client decides they want to pursue a different design concept entirely, we can book additional Design Day Intensives at the current rate.

In theory, a Brand Blueprint takes about 3 weeks. I book projects no less than 5 business days in advance to allow clients to complete their Discovery Phase homework. The Strategy phase is a day-long intensive that we book according to what accommodates both our schedules. The Design Phase allows for 5 business days. The Refinement Phase can be booked as one full-day or two half-day intensives. I do my best to accommodate tight deadlines, but project length can vary depending on response time and how closely we’re able to schedule the intensives.

I think I can help businesses best by providing a holistic branding process that dives deep into the heart of a business. It transforms how businesses think about the people they serve. I don’t believe a business can be accurately represented with just a logo! If that sounds like more than you need right now, have you looked at my Brand Kits?​

Branding packages require a 30% deposit to book, with 40% due before the Design Phase, and 30% due before the Refinement Phase.​

Design Days are full or half days of one-on-one design time for established brands who need to outsource marketing projects. ​

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