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"like having an on-staff designer for the day"

A Design Day is one-on-one work time where your projects are my only priority.

You have a solid brand in place that works wonderfully for your business great! But keeping up with your marketing goals is a lot of work. Maybe you’ve worked with designers before, and with long lead times, the process can be tedious.

It’s time-consuming — all the back-and-forth, miscommunication and little tweaks can take days or weeks. Your designer seems overwhelmed and slow to respond to your questions. (TBH, we feel like air traffic controllers!) This is frustrating for clients, and makes designers look bad.

Before you add “designer” to your list of job titles, give Design Day a try!

book me by the day for your design projects

The many perks of Design Days:

Simple pricing

Flat-fee pricing for a full day of design time.

The files you need, at the end of the day

Link to a download folder with the files you need to move forward with your project.

30 days support

Find a typo? Need an .EPS, not a .JPG? I'll get the right file to you ASAP.

Design that reflects your brand

Get professional-looking collateral from a talented designer.

No long-term commitments

Schedule one day or several, at the pace and frequency you need (no use-it-or-lose-it prepaid plans).

No more DIY nightmares

Spend those hours growing your business, not designing marketing pieces.

2021 Design Day Pricing

$ 650
  • 1 hour Production Meeting to game-plan your project list
  • A full day (7 hours) of one-on-one time for your project list
  • An additional hour for post-day edits
  • The files you need, prepped to download
  • 30 days support via email and text

Here's how it works:

elevate your brand

say "hello!"

Schedule an intro call to meet me, answer your questions and be enrolled as a client.​

design day


Schedule your day, provide your project list, and start on your pre-intensive homework.

kick off meeting

kick-off call

The kick-off call is time to check-in, answer questions, and make sure we're ready to roll.


get to work

It's today! I'm working on your list. Be ready for updates and proofs throughout the day.



You'll have 30 days support from me to make sure you have everything you needed.

You'll love Design Days if you

It pays to be prepared! I'll help you maximize your investment by:

I'm here to help make your Design Day a success!

Let's be productive together.

Design projects don't need to drag out over days or weeks.

These are the types of projects that Design Days were built for:

Promoting an event

Create a mini-brand for your event and a suite of branded promotional materials which might include:

Website maintenance

Create custom web graphics. Depending on the CMS or platform I can make changes and updates to websites. Currently offering website services on:

I do not currently offer full website design services.

Design for an e-course

Create the materials and templates for your e-course business, which might include:

Business stationery

Standard issue business items for your brand:

This would help businesses that have an established brand, but need to round out an existing logo with these essentials.


Maybe your to-do list covers a wide range:

These are just a few scenarios...

The key for clients booking Design Days is that they have an established brand identity and visual style that I can implement on their design projects.

Let's discuss your projects and see if a design day is right for you!

Have questions?

I do not offer an hourly rate. Can you think of any other projects I can work on in case there is time left? Photo editing? New social profile images? A YouTube end card?

I don’t believe that branding for a business can be completed in a day. However, I could vectorize or tweak an existing logo. I could also do a “mini-branding” to create a cohesive look for a special event, fundraiser, or other one-off experience. Contact me to set up a phone meeting!

Take a look at my Brand Kits or Brand Blueprint for custom branding services.

At this time, I do not offer full web design services. However, I can help you make updates or add content to an existing website. Contact me to set up a phone meeting!

I am happy to review your project list before you book. I can talk through expectations and plan a way to meet your goals while making the most of your project day. I can recommend a number of days to book and come up with a strategy that uses my time efficiently.

Prior to your Design Day, we’ll set up a shared Dropbox Paper document where you’ll create a list of projects. I will review your projects and make note of items or content that I’ll need.

Successful Design Days depend on clients holding to their project responsibilities by submitting content on time, being on-call during their booked time, and having a plan in place for proofing with stakeholders. I will work as long as you can keep me busy or your time runs out — whichever comes first. (Hint: It pays to be prepared!)

“Partner with a professional designer — no micromanaging required."