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An expanded logo suite for the students at Mary Star Elementary in Los Angeles.

While Mary Star of the Sea Elementary had a well-established main logo, they had no other official sub marks or athletic logos. Over the years, they had acquired a visual identity that consisted of an incohesive array of supporting logos and marks to fulfill different needs.

Realizing the need for uniformity and consistency throughout the school’s brand, we set out to expand the official visual identity with a variety of submarks. 

The K-8 school exists in connection to a Catholic parish and an associated High School. We needed logo marks that complimented existing brand elements, while distinguishing the Elementary School.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity Design
Merchandise Design

Project Goals

Create a unified brand identity that distinguishes the Elementary School.


  • Submark for faculty uniforms
  • Submark for student uniforms
  • Submark for student gym uniforms
  • New logo for athletics
  • Submarks for athletics
  • Merchandise designs
Brand Positioning

Mary Star of the Sea Elementary educates the leaders of tomorrow.

Brand Values

Catholic identity
Academic Excellence
Personal Virtue

old MSSE logos

Too many designs for Mary Star

Without an official logo system, nearly every uniform and item of school merchandise had a different design. No consistent font or star drawing could be identified as being “Mary Star”.

look to existing pieces for inspiration

There needed to be a clear visual link to the original logo.

Designing the "Mary Star"

While the original star is a five pointed design, we moved toward a new, six-pointed star. This star has Marian significance and is a more distinctive star design that will be unique to Mary Star Elementary. Three stars are arranged above the words, which reference the crown of stars on the school’s statue of Mary.

A fresh look, a new start.

These designs solidify the visual identity of the school for years to come. They’ve also opened up new streams of income by selling branded merchandise in the school’s spirit store.